Disposable specialist

Research & Development in outsourcing mode for raw materials (primary and secondary), commercial start up, product design and converting technologies

Research & Developement activities

During product development, R&D activities, if conducted in a short timeframe, are of vital importance in the innovation processes. All new ideas are developed, in the context of consumer experience and needs, quality of design and cost effectiveness. 

With this approach, ideas are transformed into physical products that will improve the lives of consumers.

If INNOVATION is your thing, then ATERTEK is the right partner!

Atertek engages in the following outsourced activities to create the best product for your company: 

  • Technical and managerial support
  • Research and development of raw materials and finished products
  • Development of the “supply chain” for new industrial processes
  • Support for the use and re-use of secondary raw materials
  • Characterization and qualification of materials and finished products
  • Qualification and fine tuning of the production/converting processes
  • Start-up commercial
  • Intellectual properties support
  • Cost saving optimizations
  • Consumer Market research


To provide tailor-made services for organizations and companies that want to build through innovation, tomorrow’s technologies as well as new materials and products, always taking into consideration strategic aspects such as costs, performance and sustainability.


Our intent is to have a team fully committed in solving and supporting the needs of companies through research and development innovation, even guaranteed by connections with the best universities and research groups in the world


We exist to support and help your organization to create a new approach in Research and Development and to ensure a regular quality control activity in the laboratory and in the converting activities.

Atertek support

The main objective is to carry out research and development activities by outsourcing in the field of raw materials, related commercial start-ups, and product design, associated with customer’s production and transformation processes. 

The constant desire to always be leaders in innovation and design, Atertek is constantly searching to find technological solutions which are unique and high quality while guaranteeing our customers maximum flexibility and fast execution of product development.

Atertek provides tailor-made services for organizations and companies that seek to build through innovation, the latest technologies and materials, always taking into consideration strategic aspects such as: costs, performance, and sustainability.


Core business

Atertek is a consulting company that specializes in R&D of disposable products for hygiene/sanitary purposes, cosmetic and medical products. Atertek has expertise in finding creative and innovative solutions for companies that want to make the difference and develop products that are of unique and of superior quality.

Founded in 2012 by Pietro Febo, Atertek established its headquarters in Pescara (Italy) better known as “The Diaper Valley” and continues to expand its network and experience on a global level. 

Managed together with his son Davide, Atertek’s engineers have extensive knowledge of the disposable products industry, specifically for hygiene, sanitary, cosmetic and medical products, and often network with the most advanced producers of materials in the market. 

Atertek was established with the intention to have a team fully committed to resolving and supporting the needs of companies through R&D innovation, also guaranteed by connections with the best universities and research groups in the world.

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Atertek s.r.l.

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Place of business:     viale Europa 147, 65010 Spoltore (PE) – Italy

Tel. + 39 348 4711959

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